The Truth about Relationships

The truth about relationships is that its not always peaches and cream. Some days you will have a great day without any arguing or disagreements and pure laughs and fun and other day you will be arguing over the littlest of things all day it seems like.

My relationship My Story: 

Travis and I have a great relationship. But the truth is to have a great relationship like us your gonna have to go through rough days together because those days are what makes all the good days great. The brutal truth is with the love we share and have for each other means the most to me and makes me feel like I wouldn’t want anyone else aggravating the hell out of me or pissing me off every other day but him and he feels the same way. He is my super hero and my evil villain at the same time meaning i love him to the max and want to kill him all at once. I am sure he wants to choke the hell out of me when I have my mood swings lol.

To finish this off all i am going to say is if you have a great relationship don’t let it go over something stupid and fight for what you love.



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