Sexual Assault :My Story

Hi My Name Is Austin Leeann and I am A SEXUAL ASSAULT SURVIVOR I never was a VICTIM.

Sexual Assault can mean many different things such as someone touching you inappropriately with out your consent, calling you sexual names, molestation, rape etc.


  I am currently 24 years old and still wake up from having terrible nightmares about what these scum bags had done to my little sister and I when we were growing up. During these nightmares i relive all the terrible things that were done all the pain these so called men caused me. I may still have these nightmares but that doesn’t make me weak if anything they make me stronger and helped me become the protective mother and wife that i am today.. I was 18 months old when it all first started but i only really remember what had happened from age 5 up to age 10 when it all stopped.Sometimes bits and pieces of my memory will pop up from younger years but as i age my memory starts to fade a little at a time, I do know i will never truly forget. After I wake up from the nightmares my arms and legs hurt like i been held down, my throat hurts like i had been screaming for my life and my private hurts like i had been violated all over again. I as a survivor can tell you that I will never forget what i went through not completely anyways but I do learn how to cope with it better all the time. I can honestly say it does get easier to deal with in some ways, Just got to remember life is precious and what happened wasn’t my fault.

3 out of every 5 people in a group have had some sort of sexual abuse done at one point in time in their life. Some may have had mental and others may have had physical they are both important and hard to go through.

Please never judge a book by it’s cover, you never know what that person has went through.

Also if you happen to come across a person that had or is currently being sexually abused that are willing to come out and talk to about what they had or is happening to them NEVER EVER  ask what they were wearing at the time of the abuse because that DOES NOT matter, what they went through or are still going through is tragic and they did not deserve it no matter what the clothing was they had on.


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