Here Comes The Bride<3

Tonight I decided to blog about me getting to marry my best friend, the man of my dreams, my soul mate, my super hero & the most amazing daddy/step daddy to my children. We have waited four years to say I do to eachother. The only reason we have had to wait was because when i was younger i married a man that was physically, mentally and emotionally abusing and controlling my oldest son Parker and I. He got me to a point that I believed him when he said that no one would want me other than him and I believed him so much I stayed with him even though he caused me to have 3 back to back miscarriages within the one year we were married an actually were together. I didnt know about him hurting my son until the day i left him i dont want to get into details because it makes me feel so stupid because I had no idea that he was hurting him I thought that he was only hurting me.I met Trav a month before I left and we became great friends and then I began to fall for him and he told me the same he gave me the strenth to leave. Trav is my super hero/ saving grace  because he saved me and my child  from him and showed us what real love was. Any way the reason we had to wait so long to marry one another because when I left my husband he up and disappeared and i had no contact with him I tried reaching out to his family but they would say they told him and he wouldnt reply . So now four years later I got the news from my ex new girlfriend that he finally wants the divorce and it will be finalized really soon just a few papers to sign and done. Thank God I absolutely cant wait to start planning our wedding and finally say I do an we become Mr. and Mrs. Travis Wayne Hafer. As of right now i was 3-5 bridesmaids and groomsmen I just have to make the decisions on who is going to be who. Cant wait to sit down with my girls Amber and Rach and get this planning going.

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