My Role Model!!!

I decided to make a blog about a girl that I recently met named Amber she is defiantly someone I want to be like. Last night was the first time we really deep conversated and the type of person she is after all she has been through and still is going though is the type of person i have decided im going to work hard and thrive to be.  She is a walking miracle, a real life angel because she has so many serious illnesses and lives in pain daily and aside all that she reaches out to help others. Last night i had gotten a message from her about my blog about my health issues i then opened up to her about my Health issues especially my liver failure and how i have been depressed since i found out a month ago that i had it  and that sometimes i just would wish that i wouldnt be here anymore bc of the pain i go through daily, and she reminded me that there are people out there way way worse off than i am. Im greatful to have met her even if meeting her wasnt face to face and was through a computer screen because now I look at life totally different. I’m also glad that now I have a friend that understands truly what i am going through mentally and physically right now. AMBER IF YOUR READING THIS YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION AND MY BIGGEST ROLE MODEL I HOPE THAT I CAN BECOME HALF THE WOMEN THAT YOU ARE!!!

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