Missing someone that isn’t here anymore!!

Losing someone you love dearly that you are super close with is one of the hardest things in life you could ever go through.

In my short 24 years of life I have lost quite a few loved ones but the ones that impacted my life most were my big brother Dustin James he had only been graduated for a month from high school before he lost his life on June 11th 2011. He was about to go to college and become something in this world. Another close loved one that I have lost that impacted my life was my little cousin Benjamin Scott he was only 15 years old and had his whole life infront of him when a car ran him over while he was riding his bike and took his life on March 10th 2017. Benjamin (Benji) was the type of person that would always make you laugh and smile no matter what mood you were in he was so full of life. The last family im going to mention that has impacted my life was not exactly close to me but his momma is my baby sister and the hurt that I seen in her eyes the pain she experienced when losing her sweet sweet preterm baby boy Dominic James is a pain ill never forget a christmas ill never forget he was taken before his life ever began on Dec, 25th 2018.

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