Struggling with Health issues

Sorry I forgot to post this yesterday but this blog is about my past and current health issues and how having them has affected my life.

Starting out at 15 months old I was Diagnosed with Epilepsy at that time i was having 10 or more seizures a day. On three different occasions my seizures almost took my life. At age 24 years old i still to this day struggle day to day wondering if im going to have a seizure today or not. I cant get a job do to the seizures because no one will hire me do to them thinking i could have a seizure on the job.

At age age 5 years old It was came to be that i was severely hearing impaired and started to have to wear hearing aids in both ears. at first the kids at school thought they were cool like spy wear lol, but as i got older kids starting making fun of me using the old “can you hear me how bout now” joke. throughout high school i spent alot of my lunches in the bathroom. Currently my hearing has gotten alot worse and im now considered legally deaf. Being hearing impaired has also affected me on having certain/most jobs as well.

At age 6 I became four eyes lol having to wear glasses lol im just gonna leave that at that.

Im 24 years old and almost a month ago I was diagnosed with Acute Liver Failure. Since a few weeks before actually being diagnosed to this day I live in pain it never goes away it just eases up sometimes. Im also always tired and feeling exhausted. for those of you that don’t really know what Acute Liver Failure actually is it’s wear your Liver fails all the sudden and super fast. Chronic Liver Failure means it happens over time. I have to have my blood drawn once a week and drive two hours away to a big hospital once a month to see a Liver Specialists.  This has not only affected me it has also affected my whole family. My husband lost his job do to staying a long period when i was hospitalized with me, and he is always tired because now he has to take care of me and the kids. My children don’t understand why mommy isnt playful as much and she is always sleeping. Ever since I was diagnosed i have gotten depressed and death is constantly on my mind.

If there are any of you with health issues and have some advice on how you deal with them day by day please comment below or send me a personal message please and thankyou.




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