Love what does that small four letter word mean? you can look it up on google or in a dictionary but are you gonna really know what it means? This small four letter word has more meaning to it than any other word in the whole wide world.

I am almost 25 years old and the meaning of love is sometimes still hard to understand for me . I know i love my husband and children bc I would put my life on the line to save theirs, I know I love them because when they are in pain I feel it, when they cry i cry, I also know I love them because no matter what happens in life no mater what trials they would have to go through no matter the hurdles they would have to jump over if they needed me I’d carry them, because I am always by their side.

In my personal Dictionary in my mind Love means: The feeling of warmth, the feeling of pain, when your heart beats so fast at the site of the people you love, breath taking, magical, and so much more.

Love is a feeling you, can’t see it, its something that every human being thrives to have their life.

If any of you guys have anything or your own opinion on what Love is Feel free to message me your response and I’ll add it to this post with your name at the end.

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