My Life!!!

Here is a summary of my life I have a total of 3 sisters and 3 brothers, but i was only raised with one of my sisters and didnt meet my other siblings til i had gotten older. My birth mother had me at a very young and had my little sister Makala 2 and a half years later. Makala is my sister i was raised with she was the only person i had growing up our mother chose men and drugs over us and my dad left when i was a baby. we were raised by our great-grand parents whom we knew as mom and dad they gave us a wonderful life that our mother could and would have never given us. I remember being 10 years old when i met my youngest sister cassie and my 3 brothers DJ, Chris and Devin along with my dad and step mom Lee and April at my grandma Glorias house i had finally got many and many prayers answered that day there was only one prayer not answered that day and it was meeting my older sister Nakita. That prayer was finally answered when i was a freshman in high school I was at the first home football game of the season Jackson vs Wellston when I got to meet my big sister. My Life if I gave all details would be a scary story to most but i was taught that what I had been through only made me stronger and also made me the great mother and wife that I am today. As an Adult sure i have made mistakes I am human I had a drug problem in my past that I no longer struggle with, I have had all 3 of my children out side of wedlock, and i have 2 different fathers to my children. My oldest has a different biological dad than his two younger brothers. I believe in God and all that he is and what he has done I am a Christian. But I make mistakes ever day I sin every day. God would not have put his only son upon that cross for our sins if he didnt already know we all were going to sin, NO ONE is Perfect.

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